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Monday, February 28, 2011

It Might As Well Be Spring

In, at least the southern half of Texas, spring usually arrives by the third weekend of February and soon we are having our brief spring fling before summer comes in tripping over spring's heels. The signs of spring are growing each day since last weekend.

Pale, hairy legs have appeared, including mine.

Photo by Bob Scaldino. And I'm indulging in my spring compulsion to play in the dirt.
The martins are here - the females also - and are getting their houses ready for a new generation. And  our barn swallows that build ther nest on the old Visitor Center are back. I caught them trying to find their nest which was a casualty of the Visitor Center transformation.  

The geese are leaving.  I heard a large flock calling goodby through last Thursday night's fog as they flew northward.

 Our harriers have mostly left to start nests in the northern states and Canada.

Bye Harriers!

Tiny new leaves are appearing and flower buds are swelling and even bursting out.

Photo by Bob Scaldino. Our coral vine is about to bloom while waiting to be planted

Photo by Bob Scaldino. Our recently rooted willows are already supporting pollinators

Our Mexican Plums waiting to be planted

Even the redbuds are starting to bloom in their pots

And our alligators are out and eating.  We saw one grab a turtle yesterday. They usually don't eat below an ambient temperature of 70 degrees.

Photo by Bob Scaldino    Sunning alligator.

So, it might as well be spring.