My Montana

My Montana
My Montana

Friday, May 20, 2011

Port Aransas Visit

My daughter invited me to join her and her family in Port Aransas. Her family  and another couple rented a condo and had an extra room for me.  I got to spend two full days and Sunday morning there.  Of course we spent a lot of time on the beach but I also visited a few of the birding spots.  And I enjoyed playing with my only grandson. And we had great suppers - one at a restaurant and an even better one at home consisting of grilled and boiled shrimp, grilled corn, grilled steak and a salad.

Sunrise at the beach

Our cottage for the weekend

Cian working on swimming

Baby pie-billed grebe

Rudy duck in breeding plumage

Rudy duck female grooming
Dunlin  feeding