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My Montana

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hoodoos Near and Far

 Dateline: November 2, 2110

The most magical part of Bryce Canyon, for me, was hiking down the Navaho Trail, through the Queen's Garden Trail and up to the Rim Trail which we used to return to our cars from Sunrise Point. The combination of the beautiful light, the winding trip that made us feel like we were going down a chimney, the slot canyon that let us exit the chimney, and the views of the hoodoos from the canyon floor made this trip very special.  And we walked through several windows and over a dry stream while getting every more beautiful views. This trip was about three miles but we spent way more time taking pictures than walking so it took about three hours.

Map of our trail - Rim trail part isn't marked but connects the two red ends

Scene near the top of the trail
Looking down several hundred feet to a hiker on the tight switchbacks
A look back at the window the trail comes through and the brickwork supporting the trail of tight switchbacks
In the slot canyon looking at the exit

Lucy walking through a tree tunnel just after we exited the slot canyon

A view in the glowing light
Trail guardian

Hoodoos along the trail
Bristlecone pine and hoodoos
Lucy and friend - note trail support

Magical View
Hoodoo topper - this protection makes them possible
The trail passed through several windows
Caution - hoodoos are much larger than they look
Sunset near the rim trail at Sunrise Point
These were some of my favorite pictures. The rest of what I kept are in this Picasa album.