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My Montana
My Montana

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rock Garden Trail HIke in Palo Duro Canyon

After a long morning of driving around Palo Duro Canyon and taking pictures, I took a short hammock break while waiting for the day to cool off a little.

Around three-thirty, I gathered up my hiking poles and water and drove down to the trail head to the Rock Garden.  This trail is listed as difficult but I think it is because it climbs 600 feet.  But the trail itself is wide and mostly smooth and easy to walk. I took it on the advice of a ranger when I asked for the most scenic trails.

The trail starts in a rock garden and then climbs to the ridge, in a series of pretty easy switchbacks, giving wonderful views of the canyon.

I didn't finish the trail - I ran out of time and was also getting tired.  I was on a fasting day and had driven about 11 hours and then only slept for about three hours the night before.  So I turned around and got to the trail head just as the storm clouds started appearing over the opposite ridge of the canyon.

Soon after I got in my tent, we had a series of little showers. But my tent was dry when I took it down the next morning at four. So I just got a little water music to go to sleep by.

The rest of the pictures can be seen in my Flicker Set.

I'm enjoying my visit in Galveston Texas and will be visiting my daughter and her family when this blog comes out.

The government shutdown is over - at least for now - and I can once more talk to my friends. Yeah!