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My Montana
My Montana

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Small Gardening Project

As Natalie left for a week of hiking in Big Bend State Park, leaving me to babysit the plants and animals, she told me I could get her newly bought plants planted in pots.

I started to look for pots and found a few. But they were either the ugly black ones that come with small bushes/trees, or old plastic ones that were dirty and stained from mold growth. And when I envisioned the plantings, I saw I  needed some more complementary plants.

What I found to work with

This is plastic and quite dirty and stained

So the directions in my mind changed to:
1) Change the look of the pots
2) Buy some more plants
3) Buy some organic planting soil for potted plants
4) Buy a diamond bit drill so I could drill holes in some nice pots

The weather didn't cooperate so I only got the pots washed and painted the day Natalie got back.  But I spent the next two days working on finishing up the project and  then Natalie hauled the pots to where she wanted them.

No pots were harmed in the process.

Yep - that's a good shade of blue

Lookin' better - that left pot is one of pair I gave Natalie the year she moved in

Had to make sure I have herbs and that leftover broccoli needed a home

That beautiful white pot got useful after I drilled a hole in it

Thanks, Natalie for letting me garden.  This is one of the things I mostly miss when volunteering.  But sometimes a refuge has a garden for me to work in.

Some of the pots got to live on the deck. 

Personal note: I'm on the mend from my carpal tunnel surgeries and will have my shoulder surgery tomorrow.  I expect to be pretty comatose several days.  The blog should come out slowly, if at all for the next month.  Natalie is taking me to Pennsylvania and handing me off to my daughter for Christmas.  We'll get back in time for New Year's.