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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hiking While Paddling

October 28, 2016

No I haven't learned to walk on water, but I tagged  along with Natalie when she got to take her first paddle after her own shoulder surgery. She was going to paddle on Lake Charlotte, one of my favorite paddling areas.  I knew there were places to hike along the lake, and that I would have a good time hanging out there during the paddle.

The day was beautiful except that it was a little warm from what I was used to in Maine. I helped Natalie and our friend Ann get their boats in the water and watched them paddle off before I set off on my hike. Since I am typing with my left hand, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

At the put-in

The trail is wide and easy

With lots of benches along the way

Part of it crosses a little arm of the lake

Giving views that can usually only be seen from a boat

Yaupon bushes were full of berries for the mockingbirds

Mist flowers were still blooming, to the delight of butterflies

Another view of part of the trail

I found lots of beautyberries growing along the trail

This bright yellow slash turned out to be an asp - they are abundant this fall

Trifoliate oranges imported from China for citrus rootstock which has escaped

I searched high and low for signs of fall- this was all I could find

I finished my hike and set up a chair near the put-in and waited for the paddlers to show up.

A view of the swamp adjacent to the lake

And a view of the lake edge in front of the swamp

 Meanwhile, Ann and Natalie found most of the wintering birds had delayed their arrival. while the alligators were basking in the summer heat - temperatures reached the mid eighties.

Ann by Natalie

Sunning 'gater by Natalie

My first view of the paddlers just after they re-entered the lake after paddling
the channel to the Trinity River

Fun's all done
I seem to be healing up quite quickly, even though the damage to my shoulder was greater than expected and I have to stay in my sling for six weeks instead of four. I've been hanging out with Natalie other friends and doing a lot of birding and hiking walking dogs. Today, I even took Natalie's golden retriever and her Springer spaniel walking at the same time. I could be driving now if I didn't drive a stick shift standard. Life is good and getting better.