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My Montana
My Montana

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm All the Way in My Trailer

Ever since I've been at Anahuac, starting November 1st, I've been trying to fit myself and my stuff in here.  Mind you, I've moved from a 3400 square foot house to a 960 square food condo to a 10 X 12 room and finally to this trailer. I think it's about 240 square feet and had sleeping for 6 or 7 people.  But they would have to stay in bed naked because the one closet is only one foot wide and two people have to be REAL friendly to even pass each other.

My sleeping nook with clothes above
 A little cupboard now holds my underwear, socks, bananas and jewelry, after I got little stacking drawers.  My main clothes and coats are in bins on the top bunk, above the double bed where I sleep.  Soon I'll get larger stacking drawers to make it easier to keep them neat.  And I'm going to hang a peg board for my coats, hats and gloves that I regularly use.

 But I always procrastinate getting stuff into a final home. There are always so many more interesting things to do, like building brush piles or weeding in the garden; taking pictures, or going to visit friends. But finally I invited a friend to spend the night and when she accepted, I had to get to work.  I cleared off her bed, propped up the mattress and board it rests on and got a lot of loose stuff stowed. I added hooks for my keys and head lamp.   Found places to  stow all the detritus  that accumulates  on my table/desk. Fixed the medicine cabinet so the door stays closed. Cleared off the sitting benches and couch.  My camera case still lives on the couch until I can figure another place for it.  The tripod, scope, and binoculars seem to have found a place in the back of my truck.  The bird feeder is up and the seed is in a covered bin under the trailer. So are my tools.

My friend gave me a little set of shelves that now gives me a place for my oven, radio, and a bin of still homeless stuff. The top shelf serves as my dish drying area since my sink also has to also provide counter space, when I cover one of the double sinks with a little board.

Hooks by the door

Guest Bedroom

Livng room, dining room and kitchen

Table has room for food and computer now. Lunch box needs a home 

Book storage in the living room

Living here can be comfortably done and I'm going to enjoy it a lot more since I will no longer have to move stuff off the benches, table and couch every time I want to offer a guest a seat.