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My Montana
My Montana

Monday, December 6, 2010

Birds du Jour

Today I hauled trash and took my camera along.  There were some great new birds and good looks at some old friends. A black-neck stilt was lingering, long after most of his friends had left for their winter vacation. Ditto for a cattle egret.  I saw my first common loon of the season as well as red-breasted mergansers and bufflehead.We still have lots or redtailed hawks, harriers, and kestrals and sometimes see merlin, perigrine, and red-shouldered hawks.  And on the highway between the VIS and the trailer, two caracaras flew across the road right in front of me. Couldn't stop and grab the camera in time to catch them.

The black-necked stilt was in the VIS pond .

The refuge is managed for geese, ducks, and alligators. So we have lots of snow geese.

The common loon was off Frozen Point in East Bay.

This pair of white-tailed kites arrived a few weeks ago.
A strange mix of laughing gulls and bufflehead.
Red-breasted mergansers
We have lots of great egrets but I love watching them. 
This pie-billed grebe will get a black band in February