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My Montana
My Montana

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Volunteer Work Day at Anahuac National Wildlife RefugeThe

Today was our January volunteer day.  This is when local volunteers join most of the RV volunteers to do work for which the refuge has no time. Today we planned to finish pruning the young live oaks that (mostly) survived Hurricane Ike. They were severely stressed and responded by growing lots of sprouts.  They needed to be cleaned up - of sprouts and dead wood  - and put back on the road to tree health.

We had done over half of them in December so we kind of knew how to easily finish the job.

The trees waiting for pruning

Bob uses a reciprocating saw to remove larger branches

Pruning high and low

Loading up the clippings
Looking and feeling better.

We were rewarded with  bowl-scrappin' good chili for lunch