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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Doings Going On

Today was an exciting day.  After spending the last few days scrubbing up the office, putting Liquid Gold on all the woodwork and cabinets, washing and detailing a van, cleaning the kiosk, and hauling home the food for the party, I got to go to the grand opening of the new viewing platform at Sacramento NWR. I even got to help set up.

Only a few months ago, an audit found the old platform unsafe.  This is the main destination of 60,000 visitors so the refuge was very upset.  They tore it down and started working on getting a new one. The region found the money and they had the new platform designed and built it in less than three months. Pretty awesome for a government job.

I  enjoyed the beautiful day, met new people, and admired another Marilyn- the lady who won the national award for running the best junior duck stamp program in the country.Wish I could have gotten to work with her.  She is passionate about what she does and has a lovely personality.

It has been a hectic two and a half days, getting everything ready but it was a beautiful event surrounded by ducks and geese under a bright sun.

The New Deck - Part of this event was its grand opening

Denise was the event planner. I enjoyed working with her the last few days . Dan is the Project Manager.

The food and part of the displays.  It was all delicious.

Plenty of birds were in view
Even the Blue Goose, the national refuge mascot, made an appearance. Marilyn, the guest of honor is on the left.
Enjoying the birds

Dan Frisk, the Project Manager, telling how the deck got built.

Ribbon Cutting

Marilyn and the bowl honoring her. 

And it was really yummy. Chocolate and white and raspberry inside.

The event ended only a few minutes before sunset. So most of the people stayed to watch the flyout. I was going to skip it but keep stopping to watch a little of it.  Finally I got behind a car who was shooting pictures and I didn't want to move between him and the birds so enjoyed several minutes of watching the sky full of geese and ducks against a red sky.