My Montana

My Montana
My Montana

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Day of Light

Today we were under a eighty per cent chance of rain. Storm clouds came over us but mostly we had sun shining under the clouds, making a  beautiful light. I went out before work and drove around the auto tour and was enchanted.


I managed to drag myself away from play and get to work.  I was assigned the job of driving to Celosa NWR and checking out the trail there. I had to continue to stop and take more pictures and then take bunches of them along the trail.

I got a view of the Sutter Buttes and had another try at getting a picture of them.

Then, as I drove back, the Coast Range was so beautiful, I had to take several pictures of it.

Finally, just as arrived back at the last turn to Sacramento NWR, I had to stop to photograph a rainbow.


I got back in time to eat a late Thanksgiving dinner we had bought from the Methodist Church in Willows. Then I actually had to work a few hours putting Liquid Gold on cabinets and  the woodwork in headquarters. 

Tomorrow I have to help in the Visitor Center in the morning - and I'll apply more Liquid Gold and sweep the deck where people eat.  Then I'll have to go to Colusa and hang out with a scope.  I'm getting really good at this kind of work.