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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Honey Run Covered Bridge

Honey Run is the name of the highway that was built to let gold minors access Butte Creek. For a while, the creek was just forded, but a few years later Butte County Board of Supervisors decided to build a bridge.  The bridge was built in  for a cost of $4,295.  It was built in three spans of 30 ft, 130 ft., and 80 ft. to a total of 240 ft and was completed by January 3, 1887.

On January 3, 1887 George Miller reported that the bridge had been completed. It originally wasn't covered but, in 1901, George Miller sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors stating that the flooring and timber of the bridge was very badly decayed.  The entire floor need to be replaced.  He also recommended that the bridge be covered. The cost was estimated to be $560.00.

The bridge was in use until April 12, 1965 when a truck crashed into one corner of the bridge, collapsing the eastern span. Butte County Department of Public Works decided to build a new two-lane highway bridge only short distance upstream.

View showing the three spans
Beautiful geometric patterns made by the setting sun coming through the bridge sides.
The new bridge as seen from a window in the covered bridge.

It's really fun to have to time to visit lots of little corners of the world I'm in now. I hear there is good snowshoeing nearby, a wonderful little Victorian town looks really great in her Christmas finery, and there are lots of wonderful bike rides, and of course there are lots more birds to find.