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My Montana

Friday, December 23, 2011

How to Clean a Bathroom

1) Collect your equipment for Sacramento.  Binoculars, camera, water, cleaning box.

2) Check out a vehicle and load up.

3) Proceed slowly around the auto tour with many stops to look/ take pictures. Stop and talk to the visitors.

4) Check out the viewing platform views. Be sure and visit with all the visitors.

5) Spray toilet, and wipe down. Take out trash and replace bag. Check the toilet paper.

6) Finish tour, slowly and carefully so you don't miss anything.

7) Repeat for Llano Seco except this is a thirty mile drive each way and it has two platforms that need checking. And there are lots birds, including tundra swans to watch.

White-faced ibis

Savannah Sparrow

Traffic Hazards

Sandhill Cranes

The rest of the gang at Llano Seco


Bikers enjoying a beautiful day at Llano Seco