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Friday, November 1, 2013

In Her Garden

One of the joys Natalie and I share is the joy of gardening.  This includes dreaming of plants we want, gardens and garden structures we want to build, enjoying starting new plants, and sharing our garden with birds, bees, butterflies, and other creatures as well as with friends. (See my blog entry on what sometimes happens with passers by. And just this week I was waiting for a guy to pick up my car and a car was stopped outside.  The people inside rolled down their window to tell me they were just enjoying the garden.) We also spend a lot of time looking at other gardens from another yard garden to Botanical Gardens across the country. And in small doses, we even enjoy weeding.

I'm mostly just enjoying experiencing Natalie's garden this visit. I got here to enjoy the last wave of ruby throated hummers and butterflies, bees and bee-mimicking flies.

At this time of year. Everything is to the overgrown stage.  But in January or early February, she'll get it all chopped back so it can start again. Right now, it's hard to see the house from the road.  But the view from the house is of a tiny lawn with a background of small blooming shrubs on one side and roses on the other.

The volunteer mist flowers have created a wonderful border between the lawn and the border garden.

Sidewalk view

Swallowtail on Mexican butterfly weed

A little vine in front yard still needs a trellis

Yellow lantana that blooms  most in fall and winter

Honeybee on mist flower
Monarch on the Mexican butterfly weed - usually their babies have it chewed to short nubs

A left over zinnia - most have finished their short lives

Ripening satsumas - these from our half of neighbor's tree which ripen  earlier but are not as sweet as Natalie's

Bromeliad bloom

Dessert willow vine ((Podranea ricasoliana) is working hard to cover the back fence

We can now better enjoy her garden because we just removed the storm shutters from the back porch windows.  Natalie set up a table with two chairs and both of us plus dog, Zootie, are enjoying this vantage point.