My Montana

My Montana
My Montana

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goodbye to a Refuge

Our Law Enforcement Officer let me close Thursday night so I could say goodby to all my favorite places.  I got Justin to lock the gate and left and hour early, since the sun is setting so early that it is dark before time for the gate to close.

I hiked up to High Point and waited for the sunset.  I was rewarded with a spectacular one.

Then Friday, I had to stop working on one last project to photograph a coyote.  And while I was loading my car, that evening, I had to grab my camera again to take a most amazing sun, that was almost a rose color amidst a swirling colored cloud.

And early Saturday morning, while I was finishing loading the car, I saw a vanquished bull elk walking tiredly down our road.  I quietly opened the door and ran for my camera.

So here are a few of my recent memories of the National Bison Range.

It was a great summer but now my thoughts are of meeting old friends and arranging my surgeries. Hope to get in some kinds of play while recuperating.

I am traveling to go see my old boss and friend, Cindy, with whom I worked and played while at Okefenokee.  I'll spend several days Dinosaur  NP before going to north Texas for a paddling party that will also last a long weekend.  Stay tuned.