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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday - A Visit to Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

On Friday, November 14,  my wrist was healing well from my carpal tunnel surgery and I found I could hold my binoculars and camera, so I could once again visit one of my special places, Anahuac NWR. This refuge is on the Upper Texas Coast and is only a few miles from High Island, one of the top ten birding destinations in America. It is a winter vacation land for geese, ducks, waders, raptors and some passerines, including vermillion flycatchers. The weather also cooperated, giving an afternoon of good light and warming temperatures, between the first two cold fronts of the season.

A hunting great blue heron

Loafing birds - how many species can you find?

The common gallinule seems to be in decline here 

A great blue heron hiding in plain view

Neotropic Cormorant

Great Egret

One of over a dozen pie billed grebes

The adult white ibis I saw - but saw over 100 white-faced ibis

A pair of pie-billed grebes were catching the invertebrates the ibis stirred up

There were hundreds of black bellied whistling ducks and scores of these fulvous whistling ducks

Great blue and neotropic cormorants

Swainson's hawk

A western willet showing a hint of his beautiful, patterned wings

The beautiful light on Galveston Bay near sunset

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