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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating the One Hundred and First Mardi Gras

At least I was at the one hundred and first Mardi Gras.  However it was the first time I've celebrated it in Galveston and has been fifty-two years since I went to a Mardi Gras.  I was supposed to march with my Northwestern College of Louisiana Band in 1963, but tore a tendon in my knee and couldn't march.  I had to use all my leftover persuasive powers from convincing the band director to bring along my boy friend, the school photographer, to get him to let me go without marching. I ran around on one toe - on my right foot - the tendon got into the joint and I couldn't fully open my knee - and had a wonderful time.

I went to a parade on Saturday and about halfway through it, my battery gave out.  I had taken care to charge a couple more, but forgot them at home.  I planed to go on to another parade, but after walking the three mile round trip to the first, wasn't in the mood to start over to go even further for the second one.

The parade I attended featured high school and college bands, as well as lots of floats. It was to be followed by a party in a park with lots of kids activities.  While I waited for the parade to start, I was sitting on the curb.  One of three cute little black girls showed with body language, that she wanted to sit beside me.  I scooted over a little and invited her to sit. Then her sister managed to squeeze in on the other side. Finally, the littlest one wanted to sit and I offered her my lap.  Then the parade started and they were up to catch beads while I was up to capture a few pictures.

House Decorated for Mardi Gras

A zydeco band practicing for the parade

The leading marching group

Even the spectators were in the spirit

This art car came by while waiting for the parade to start

The day was so warm that probably only the skimpily dressed girls were comfortable

Throw us something, Mister

Loved this little dancing kids

This brought back found memories of my seven years of marching band

Got a lotta gold there.