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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday: Spring Birds at East Beach, Galveston, Texas

My friend, Natalie is taking a birding class that includes field trips.  She came home last Wednesday all excited about birds she had seen on the road to East Beach, including a hudsonian godwit.  I made her take me back and we found some more species, although we didn't see all the original species.  The godwit was visible in binoculars, feeding with marbled godwits, but was too far out for pictures. 

We also saw two reddish egrets, a snowy egret, blue-winged teal, a mottled duck, and other resident birds.

Neotropical cormorants


Part of a flock of maybe 60 avocets

Sandwich tern (left) and royal tern (right)

Herring gull (front)  black skimmer  (back)

A small part of a few hundred black skimmers

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