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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Virtual Hike on the Grand View Point Overlook Trail

Saturday, May 9

The forecast was for a rainier and cooler day than was Friday, so I chickened out  of camping, and got up with the dawn to pack  and leave. But then the sun came up and the day was mostly clear, so I went back to my original plan to go hiking and take pictures. I still planned to go further north and get a motel that evening.

The lovely sky changed my mind about leaving

After grabbing a quick breakfast, I set off for the very end of the road in Island in the Sky, the Grand View Point Overlook.  I got there a little after seven o'clock and found I had the mile long trail to myself. (This condition lasted almost the whole way in and it wasn't until I was almost back out that I saw more than a handful of people.) And most of them only went about 200 yards down the trail before turning around and thus missed most of the spectacular views that occured in three directions.

Come along on a virtual hike with me along the Island in the Sky Plateau, between the Green and Colorado Rivers. The trail is one mile each way but I'm sure it took me almost three miles to complete it due to all the little detours I had to make to take these pictures.  But that won't tire YOU out.

The stacked stones or cairns mark the trail which is mostly over rock

I tried to take at least one picture at every cairn

Sometimes steps led up or down so the trail was easy

This was a little opening in the rock

This  yellow wildflower was just starting to bloom

Many of the views were too long for my camera to do them justice

I took this formation from many places in the park - this was from a side trail to the mile-iong one

This view was also from the same side trail

This flower was growing in a crack from the same place I took the previous two pictures

I took this scene over and over, hoping for more light in the carved out portion

A highly magnified shot so you can see details of distant features

Closer views along the trail

A western subspecies of the blue-gray gnatcatcher

Another long view 

This was one of two guys that passed me near the end of the trail who is now
 enjoying the distant view

The sandstone was often wondrously carved

This is the real color of this Indian paintbrush if was fluorescing in the sun

A balancing rock in the making

Some hoodoo- like rocks at the end of the trail

A little arch at the end of the trail

The tenacity of plants always amazes me

The light was better looking off to trail right to show the fantastic colors in these formations

The rocks and vegetation often made pleasing arrangements

I planned to finish packing up my campsite, then go to the Moab library and put up some pictures on my Facebook page before leaving to go to Salt Lake City, where I planned to get a motel room.  But I decided I still had time to visit Mesa Arch.  You'll have to wait until my next blog to see it.

By the way, I do a lot of Facebook entries about my daily life. I put a link to my page on the right on my blog.  Just scroll down for some of my favorite links to find it, as will as links to more of my pictures.

When this blog comes out, I will have been at the Refuge one week.  During that time I've repaired or replaced any bluebird boxes that needed it and collected my first batch of data, done some cleaning around the refuge, run errands, and today got to go watch how we milk eggs and milt from the grayling fish to obtain the eggs we incubate. Tomorrow I'll go learn how to remove sick eggs so that we ca keep as many healthy eggs as possible. And yesterday I watched an exciting fight between bluebirds and tree swallows which I'll try to show you soon. And I have two more little adventures from my trip to share with you.  And pictures of the grayling egg project. And I'll have pictures of the nursery project. Life is definitely exciting and interesting.