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My Montana
My Montana

Friday, May 29, 2015

A Visit to Antelope Island

When I changed my plans to camp for three days near Moab, I ended up with a little time on Sunday morning to go visit Antelope Island, the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. It is across a long causeway that separates two bays. It took me about an hour to get there because I was fascinated with the pastel colors of the sea and also kept getting distracted by the wildlife.

The day was mostly cloudy but I loved the colors of the sea in that light

The only pair of mallard ducks I saw

The colors changed with the light

There were several hundred eared grebes  - but too far away for a good picture of them

When I first glimpsed this, I thought they were trying to ride a live bison. 

Red-winged black birds were singing

Barn swallows had just arrived and were looking for places to build their nests

A few tree swallows were also hanging out

A view from the island road

The invasive saltcedar (Tamarix sp.) was present and blooming

And invasive mustard was getting a foothold in the hills

View from one of the trailheads - I went there looking for Chuckar

There are about 600 bison on the island - I always love the new calves

I could have watched the play of clouds, light, and water all day

I would have loved to try floating in the sea but, alas, the day was way too cold. And I had to leave around 2:00 in order to make it to my Montana home before dark so didn't get to take any of the hikes.