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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Birds of Brundage Lane

June 20, 2016

I've been dying to get to go birding on Brundage Lane, the road that connects the South and North Valley Roads on the west. But it has several low spots that are made of clay and, when it rains, the road is impassable except for a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Today I finally had a good road and time to go visit.

Brundage Lane has all the birds we have on the refuge - it's only few miles off the refuge - but it has marsh and ponds very close to the road, so I often get much better shots of birds.  Today the light lasted through a partly cloudy morning that gave me lots of shots that made me happy.

I hope you enjoy them too.

I'm only seeing one sandhill rathan than a pair - think moma is on the nest

I  think this is the first phalarope I've ever seen feeding on land - probably tending his nest. 

Yellow-headed blackbirds were everywhere that was wet, singing their mechanical, whirring song - this one is exhibiting the attitude I associate with them 

This was the first day I've seen female yellow-headed blackbirds. 

Long-billed curlews were flying and calling their loud, ringing calls everywhere -
a few were also feeding in the tall grass

Brewer's blackbirds were hanging out around the cattle in the fields

There were many vesper sparrows about

Horned larks spent most of their time running in front of the car -
one of the easiest ways to ID them here. 

A cliff swallow fledgling - I couldn't get the picture of a parent
 feeding it through my dirty windshield

A very surprising find - a snipe s-i-t-t-i-n-g on a fence post - I probably have 20 pictures of him

He was so close, I missed his feet in this shot but loved seeing/hearing him call

This little green-winged teal was at a distance and looked like he was swimming through pale grass 

I was practicing shooting a hawk on the fly and while I held my shutter down,  the courting pair crossed to give me this lucky shot. 

The rest of my day was mundane - doing my wash, cleaning, and shopping. But I will always remember it as special for all the amazing birds I got to see.  Click on the picture below to see bird blogs from around the world.