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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fifteen Reasons to Want to Clean Bathrooms

I was to work in the office last Friday,  since our secretary is on vacation and our office volunteer finished working Thursday.  Afterwards, I needed to check bathrooms and clean as necessary and restock the toilet paper.

My boss offered to hold down the office while I did that job and also figured out how make a sign sending people to our spring in Upper Lake Campground.

My bathroom chore turned out to be a time-consuming job.  The sun, employing the fog, and clouds, churned out a long series of breathtaking images.  And I had my camera so I could catch these ephemeral paintings.

Here are fifteen reasons I LOVE to clean the bathrooms at the campsites.

If you need more convincing, there are lots more reasons in my Flickr albums on the landscapes, flora, and fauna of Red Rock Lakes NWR.  I'll be missing this place, at least until I get involved in my next home - Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. 

And here is the sign I made to get people started on finding the spring - there is a small quaking aspen blocking the view of the wooden sign from the campground.

If you are still not totally bored, my Red Rock Lake landscapes are all in this Flickr album.