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Friday, October 23, 2015

Coyote Observations

September 12, 2015

Laurel and I were lucky enough to find two different coyotes hunting at Yellowstone NP.  We watched them listen and look for game and then pounce on it. We didn't actually see them catch anything.

But they are built so differently from wolves who are much more massive, have long straight legs for running and who stayed MUCH further away from us.

The coyote walked very softly 

Pausing to carefully inspect sections 

And adding its nose to the hunt

More stopping and staring

And more

There is something out there

I think the coyote was watching for movement

Another step

And stare

Then it took off

And leaped with its tail acting as a rudder

Tail up intentness

Followed by a pounce

Still looking 

Another pounce

A few days later, we found this second coyote hunting.

Trotting and looking


Stopping and looking


Getting stealthy

Stopping and staring


As you can see, I had this adventure some time back.  But I had to many adventures - one a day for ten days, and then have had several adventures on the way back to Galveston, as well as while I've been visiting here.  So I figured I'd just throw in an extra post this week.

I'll be heading off to Louisiana next week.  Eventually you'll get to hear about my adventures there.