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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mammoth in Macro

September 22, 2015

I've been lucky to get to see Yellowstone several times this summer, once by myself, and three times with different friends. So I've also seen a lot of the features several times. But, fortunately for me,  the seasons, the light and our own personal viewpoints have been different and thus each time I saw the features newly.

On this visit, I was with my friend, Laurel, who is looking for artistic pictures, rather than just documenting a visit. On my last visit to Mammoth, I concentrated on landscapes. I just realized I didn't show you any of my pictures. They are the early pictures in this album. (To see it in full screen as a slideshow, click on the first little icon on the top right-hand side.)

This time, Laurel had already visited Mammoth while on the way to meet me so we only did a little at the very top and back of the the main feature.  And I was more interested in the patterns and macro views.  These don't give you much sense of the big picture, but I think the little bits are interesting also.

These are formed by mineral deposits

An even closer look

I'm not sure if these are living organisms or artifacts built from the minerals

But those tendrils were swaying and seemed to be the consistency of raw egg white.

One landscape view