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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Duck, Duck, Goose

One of the visitors to the Pea Island Visitor Center told me about a wonderful place where you can go to enjoy water birds from around the world. That place is Sylvan Heights Bird Park, an important place for waterbird conservation as well as a wonderful place to see waterbirds and other endangered species from around the world.

A beautiful Northern Pintail from America - this species is almost always too far to photograph at Pea Island

    A smew. a kind of merganzer,  from Eurasia

    The endangered white winged duck from southeast Asia

    African Pygmy Goose male

    African Pygmy Goose females

    Radjah shelduck - from Australia

    The mandarin duck - which looks like an egomaniac 

    Red-crested pochard were laid back and drifted around dozing and peeking - from England

    I got a kick out out of this Barrow's goldeneye doing his morning ablutions. I have never seen a bird roll completely over on its back in the water.

    Gotta get spiffed up here

    Working on the chest

    Working from another angle

    All spiffed up

    Hawaiian Nene,  a goose and the endangered state bird of Hawaii

    Common Shelduck - a Eurasian species that may nest in rabbit burrows

    Eurasian Wigeon

    Courting starts early for this species

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