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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Morning Stroll in Manteo

January 11, 2016  Morning

I had to go to the the Gateway visitor center in Manteo for a ten o'clock meeting, so decided to use the beautiful morning to view a little more of Manteo.  I also choose to leave my car in old, downtown Manteo and walk to the refuge headquarters. I found it was  about two miles further than I thought it was and ended up rushing to get there on time.

I spent the first part of the day in Manteo Harbor almost by myself.

Map of Manteo Harbor, showing the location of the lighthouse

The lighthouse has been built on the exterior plans for the old one.  This is a screwpile lighthouse

Loved the stairs inside the lighthouse

I didn't find out what this boat is called

For more information on screw-pile lighthouses, including a list of the ones still surviving, click here.

A cuter than usual double crested cormorant

Red brested merganzer

A fishing net shed.  Fisherman stored their nets in this kind of building

I then started my walk though the streets of the old part of Manteo.

There were many great paint combinations

As well as very diverse architecture styles

Even the bird houses were stylin'

Loved this window (and above door) decoration

Holiday decorations were still up on some houses

Like that gingerbread trim

This was very surprising - and my camera did not like the backlighting

Didn't get to visit this store but enjoyed his sign

A colorful front to a downtown store

Elizabeth II, a full sized model of an old sailing ship that brought the first immigrants

This camillia looked like an oragami flower

I finally had to start hurrying in order to make my meeting on time. But I had to stop and take two more pictures.  These were at the Island Farm, a place you an visit to see old time farming.

With a nose wash, this might just be the most beautiful cow in the world. 

This windmill was used to grind corn.  It is currently inoperative. 

By the time I rushed into my meeting, only ten minutes late,  I had walked 6 miles.  I caught a ride most of the way back and then walked one more mile back to the car.

Then I went to find a new place to enjoy the sunset and ended up with over nine miles on my pedometer. Now I feel energized and am waiting for the mornings to start earlier.  (The sun will be coming up earlier in the morning when this blog comes outAnd yes, you already know about the sunset walk from last Sunday's blog.)