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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Visit to Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

April 5, 1016

While I was visiting my daughter in Pittsburgh, I checked to see what public gardens were available. I found Pittsburgh had a Botanical Garden so scheduled time for a visit.

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This garden is very much a work in progress. It is being built at the site of an old coal mine which is still leaching very acidic water full of aluminum. The garden has built a treatment field for the water and now has a pond that is no longer acidic and in which water lilies can grow. Of course, I was way too early to enjoy the waterlily blooms. 

Bridge of the lotus pond

View from the opposite end of the pond

The garden is also spending a lot of time developing a wonderful children's area with lots of buildings and other artifacts. And on a trail leading into the woods from this area, I found a wonderful dragon.

Work continues at the bottom of the children's garden

A building for the children to explore

The garden dragon

Some birds are always in the children's garden

I was glad to see wildflowers blooming along the trails


Some not-so-welcome garden visitors -staff are building fences to save their plants

Another area in the woods had wonderful thatched roofs on tall tree stumps and quirky little houses that looked like they should belong to faeries or some other wee people. I also enjoyed a pile of wood, that was intricately painted and in front of which there was a dog built from the same wood.

Stumps with thatched roofs

Closeup of carving and painting

Some of the fey houses

More spring bulbs

There is also a meadow which I think will be beautiful in summer. But most of this garden is just native woods with soft trails through it. I enjoyed a peaceful walk of about three miles on the trails. I only found blooming bulbs but expect a lot more will be in bloom by late spring.

The gazebo overlooking the meadow area

The area just behind the garden center is the most formal and is used for weddings and other events. 

A huge fireplace anchors the formal garden

These were the only tulips in bloom

I think these are some very fancy jonquils

The garden also includes an historic farm and has some sheep and chickens. 

The three resident sheep

I can't wait to continue to visit this garden and watch its development.