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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Exploring the Bold Coast and Looking for Lighthouses

April 16, 2016

I was a little late leaving on my first road trip up here in Maine and did not make it to the eastern most spot in the United States for sunup. But I was just a little north of where it is in the contiguous United States and took more of my sunrise pictures between that place, in Robbinston, Maine, and a little further south. Sunrise is just before 6:00 A.M.

Sunrise just south of Calais along Highway 1 South

Clouds formed at sunrise making it last longer

This was the first of scores of boats, mostly anchored

A pullout let me catch this scene

I bought The Maine Atlas and located three lighthouses within about sixty miles of the refuge, all south on Highway 1 or a few lesser roads that go along The Bold Coast. I never saw signs for the Whitlocks Mill Light which is just south of Calais, but easily found West Quoddy Head Light. I had also planned to go hiking and bird watching at the adjacent state park, but the wind was blowing a gale and I needed a heavier coat, a warm hat and gloves, all of which I'd left at home.

West Quoddy Head Light

I went back up to the town of Lubec and explored that small and currently hibernating town. I made lots of stops and darted out into the cold wind to get pictures, then rushed back to warm up in the car. 

One of many of the churches I admired on this trip

Lubec is still a fishing town and the harbor was full of boats

I found the sign for an International Park. AND I could see a lighthouse across the bridge. So I went over there for about five minutes, just long enough to snap a few pictures. When I came back, I found I had to go through customs and produce my passport. Thankfully, I had it in the car. Then, as I checked my facts for this blog, I realized did not know the name of the lighthouse in Canada. AND I had also missed a view of the Lubec Channel Light which is in the middle of the Lubec Channel. I'll have to go back for a picture of it someday.

The lighthouse on the Canadian side of Lubec

View of Lubec from Canada

I made an unplanned turn into some Conservation Land and took the next two pictures there. 

Not sure what these red-stemmed plants are

But they really set off a grove of birches

A view along the Bold Coast

I saw thousands of crab traps 

One of four species of birds I noticed - the others were robins, one kestrel, and ring-billed gulls

Another church style

Could not take this church without the power lines but yet another style

I had to take this too close and backlit but I'm amazed at all the church styles up here

By late morning, I had gone as far south as I had planned and started home by a different route so I could visit Reversing Falls Park, south of Pembroke. I was glad I was a women or I would probably still be lost. I had to ask directions twice since there are no signs for it on Highway 1 and the signs for it are way higher than normal, so I missed one of them. I spent the afternoon there, so I”ll tell you all the details in another blog.

Then on the way home, I carefully watched for the Whitlock Light, but could only find a very poor, backlit view of it from a picnic point. When I got home, I found that is the best I can do, so I'll stop there when it will at least be lit by eastern light. This light started out as a light on a tree and the small lighthouse is in trees.

This was a beautiful day and I had lots of fun, even though my plan to eat out was foiled by closed restaurants. I was glad I had salad makings and a roasted chicken I'd cooked on Friday. 

If any of  you have suggestions of places I should go visit, please put them in the comments. And thanks in advance for your comments.