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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July Fourth Party

July 4, 2016

Two of the summer workers are local women, so I'm getting a lot of good information as well as good invites. Bridget invited us all to her parent's house in Lubec for Independence Day. Christina and I accepted and arrived a few minutes before the FIRST parade, which came right pass Bridget's parent's house.

It had fire trucks and rescue vehicles from a few of the surrounding towns, as well as from Campobello Island, in Canada, but only about a half mile from Lubec.

Firetrucks and rescue vehicles led the parades

Some of the party folks watching the parade from in front of the house

We even had a mermaid enter the parade

The only music was provided by this group

This float somehow tied kayaking and Indian dancing totems together 

A nearby town offers carriage rides and sent one to this parade

This was the only horseback rider 

After that parade, some folks hung around and visited, while the rest went off with plans to come back for supper. Bridget iced cupcakes while Christina and I supervised. Then we toured the entire two block downtown and stopped by a local micro brewery to listen to the live music.

We came back for the better parade  at six o'clock.  No one had to register ahead - just show up. Again it started with firetrucks and some rescue vehicles. But it had several amusing floats. But NO music.

Never quite figured this one out

Who you gonna call?  GOATBUSTER'S

Hilary was in jail, Trump #3 (for the parade) was in the middle, and Bernie was in the back

Then we stuffed ourselves with all kinds of food, including pulled pork from an old pig from Tidemill Farms, which produces the organic unpasteurized milk and Greek yogurt I love. We also had several kinds of salads, corn on the cob, and desserts, as well as appetizers before the parade. I was still feeling a little stuffed and sick Tuesday morning.  But as I'm writing this mid-day Tuesday, and am starting to feel better.  (I ate a few items with wheat in them which messed up my digestive system and made me feel very lethargic.)

Some of the spread - more continued to arrive for another half hour -
required lots of revisits

We ate and visited so much with the forty plus guests that we were late getting to Campobello Island to see the fireworks put on at Eastport. (Lubec, a town to small to have a police force and who gets a visit from some law enforcement once a month, also cannot afford their own fireworks. ) So we spent almost as much time passing through Canadian and American customs as we did watching the fireworks which were several miles away.

Fireworks and lights from the town of Eastport, as seen from several miles away at
Campobello Island

Then Christina and I had a final adventure when I realized I'd forgotten to buy gas and was running on empty. We ended up driving past three CLOSED gas stations before deciding to make it to Calais and look for gas. We did get to an open gas station under our own power, but it was a close call.  We had to drive about thirty-five  miles to the station.  I was driving slowly and carefully and ended up averaging 45.6 miles to the gallon. Hopefully, I'll keep my car over half full in the future.

Hope you had at least this much fun.