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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Orleans Botantical Garden: Flower Portraits

 Here are a few of my favorite closeup pictures from my trip to the New Orleans Botanical Garden.
Tapping on the first picture will let you see an enlarged version.

These flowers came already in a bouquet

Hummers love these wild cannas

This was my favorite view - looking down a long trumpet flower

White from red was pretty amazing

Mysterious orchid

Painted with a tiny brush

Plumbago - works as a shrub, hedge or vines up a trellis - and
the blue is a great counterpoint to most other colors

Nasturtium is a winter/early spring flower here

Roses were coming into full bloom

Don't know this flower but loved the composition it made

The heat was making the tulips blow which is when I love them best

Iris were just getting started

Family portrait

What a lovely fringe

The beginning of a very big fern

Happy feet - these feel like little dancers to me

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All ready for hummers - which are passing through now

I think of these as summer flowers even down here

Happy blues

And summer is on its way

This blog will come out a few days after Spring officially starts.  Hope spring has arrived where you live. We are back in the 80's and feel like summer is already here.