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Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Very Special Yellowstone Visit

June 10, 2017

I got to have a wonderful visit with my daughter and only grandson last weekend.  Kris, her friend, Patti, and grandson Cian came up to Yellowstone and I drove over to camp with them.  They were camping at Grant Village  so we spent a lot of time on the loop road, checking out some of the geyser fields.

We also got to enjoy a little wildlife.  I only saw elk and bison but Kris saw a bear after I left.

And the weather was not very accommodating.  It was mostly cold and cloudy with a few short intervals of sun.  The steam was so low and thick that pictures were hard to come by. And I had to drive through a blizzard in the mountains west of Yellowstone.

But here is a little of what I captured.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Another view of Grand Prismatic Spring

Nettle bud

Think this is a kind of a penstemon - loved by long tongued bees. 

Edge of one of the pools

Pastel view, including the white stumps

The bird flew but the colors remained

Kris and Cian

Female common goldeneye in Yellowstone Lake

View at Tom Thumb

Big Cone - the only geyser above the high waters of Yellowstone Lake

Another Tom Thumb View

Geyser field at Tom Thumb- first good light I'd had all week

This week, I'm having to stay close to the refuge and do a bee survey.  All the working week was too cold and wet to survey the bees. I'm also closely monitoring our dam and trying to make sure we capture as much water as possible.