Sunrise Out My Front Door

Sunrise Out My Front Door
Sunrise Out My Front Door

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Busman's Holiday

I don't have as much to do as I did last year, so am spending most of my time blowing leaves..  The rest of my time involves managing the Aquarium - opening, closing, feeding, cleaning. I"m also gathering information on local butterflies and the host plants they need. And we are having an early wet winter.  It has been cold enough for long johns.

All these factors are keeping me from experiencing new adventures and leaving me with a lot of time to be bored. So I leaped at a chance to take part in a workday at Callaway Gardens, a private garden only fourteen miles away.  While there, I was recruited to come back at times of my choosing so have spent a few more days working there.  I started by helping to pick up fallen branches, then moved on to planting pansies and bulbs. I found I can take my bike and ride, or enjoy a walk while I'm there. I also found that the fee for the annual pass has jumped to seventy-nine dollars, a price out of my range.  But this way. I can volunteer for several hours and then enjoy the rest of the day there.

The Butterfly Center - were were planting in beds around it

Some of the pansies we planted - we added several kinds of bulbs behind them

A leftover bloom from a summer plant

Ornamental grasses add fall interest

The fall colors were still magnificant - until our last two storms

I was taking these pictures on the way to work

They have lots of huge American hollies
The log cabin - they have a vegetable/herb garden in front of it in raised beds 

I think these are collard greens

The garden is in raised beds, which, while not traditional, ARE the best way to grow vegetables

The next batch of pictures are from my second visit to  Callaway Gardens. I can get there two ways, so this time, I went through Roosevelt State Park on the top of Pine Mountain. I got a bit of sunrise on a mostly cloudy day. When I got there, I couldn't find anyone at the meeting place, so took a walk while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive.


This was the site of today's planting - beds on either side of the walkway.

The trail just past the entrance

What a stunning place to sit and enjoy the view

I spent a lot of time watching a pileated woodpecker work this hole

The leaves were the stars here

These were backlight, making the glow

More fall color

Even the leaves underfoot were fascinating

More beauty

I came past the chapel and then found this vantage point for a great view of it

I thought this was a native plant - but can't find it in my Georgia Wildflower app

I found the skeleton of this weeping tree striking

There are lots of streams and lakes to enjoy

This is one of their Japanese maples in stunning bloom

Camellias are blooming but many are bedraggled from rain storms

On my third visit, I took a little time to visit the Butterfly Center. There were not a lot of butterflies out and it was way to hot to be wearing long Johns and a fleece shirt, so I didn't stay long. 

I'm still blowing leaves and should be blowing now, except it has been raining all day.  I'll have to work tomorrow to make it up, provided the rain stops in time.

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