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Monday, February 10, 2020

January Paddle on White's Bayou

January 19,2020

When Natalie asked me to save six weeks to be on call to  house-sit for her, I immediately blocked out my calendar, but told her, of course,  I'll have plenty of time to hold lots of wild parties. I sent out the invitations to schedule some time visiting me. Winnie took me up on that and planned to spend a few days up here. She asked for a paddle.

Natalie ended up staying - I said it was because  she knew we would have too much fun without her  - because here grandson was still unborn.  So she was on this trip.  We invited Bob, and another friend, Ann to go with us. Bob came down to our house for a lasagne supper the night before and was on hand to to help load the boats.

We decided to paddle White's Bayou from the Fair Park at Anahuac, Texas. It is a very natural, winding bayou that empties into Turtle Bayou, only yards north of the put-in. So this put-in gives us access to an upstream and downstream paddle, on Turtle Bayou as well as to White's Bayou.

Getting ready

Our token man, Bob

Ann with Ellen and Natalie

Bob and Winnie, wielding a camera as usual

Ellen was an enthusiastic paddler

Bob stopped to clear a tight spot 

Breaking overhead branches away

This is a very protected bayou with high banks along much of it

The final log jam is our end of the journey

Turning around

Winnie and Ann 

Ellen in her happy place

Two holdouts
Winnie's picture of me - so happy to get to do this again- even poorly and with some pain

Back at the put-in

On a personal note, I'm Colorado dreaming. About to set a leaving date for a few weeks away. And I'm finally housesitting.

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