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My Montana
My Montana

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Chickens of Yuba City

Last week, I decided I'd been without a car radio for long enough.  It had gone out on the way up here back in November. So I looked up a dealer and found the nearest one in Yuba City.  I spent several hours in the dealer, after the mechanic found a  mouse had chewed out the radio wires (and built a luxury nest behind the glove box).  Guess this was my last gift from Anahuac NWR. After several hours of waiting,  I decided to get a little exercise and walk to a restaurant

As I passed a bush, it crowed at me. My adrenaline shot up and I practically dampened my pants before I recognized the sound. I started looking around and saw several chickens. They were really beautiful and I also loved the juxtaposition with  the Chamber of Commerce and IHOP. But the day was really cloudy so I decided to come back on a sunnier day and take their pictures.

I went back and waited a little longer before I was told the car was finished. But when I checked the radio, I still had only static. So they looked some more and decided I needed the coaxial cable from the antenna replaced.  They would have to order the part and it would take another two days to come in. I couldn't get back until today, another rainy day.  Again I sat a long time but finally got my car.  But on the way home, I found I was once again without a radio. I had to turn around and go back.  This time I had lunch at the IHOP and again saw the chickens. AND the sky was getting sunnier.

I also figured maybe I could find out why feral chickens were running around town so I went into the Chamber of Commerce, which is in a beautiful Victorian house, and asked the gentleman running the reception why the chickens were running loose. He said that, about twenty years ago, a feed store went out of business and released some chickens. They have been living wild and multiplying ever since. Everybody is cool with them.  The town also allows it's citizens to keep chickens but they do regulate the numbers of them.

 I found them at other corners,  but I took all these pictures by the Chamber of Commerce and the neighboring IHOP on my way out of Yuba City.