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My Montana
My Montana

Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Evening Walk Along the Feathr River

After over half a day to get my car radio fixed, I decided I needed a good walk.  It was only about twenty miles out of my way to go to Oroville. I decided to hike near the dam but found I would have to pay a day use fee to use the Lake Oroville Recreation Area so went looking for another walk.  I accidentally lost myself, most serendipitously, just at the entrance of a little park. But when I got out of the car, I found a hike/bike trail on a lower level and set out.

The first thing I came across was a runaway doll sitting all alone on a bench.  I loved the way her hair was the perfect shade of red to go with the green of the bench. She didn't seem concerned about being lost.  But I bet her mother was frantic.

 I saw a couple of fly fishermen enjoying the river.

And several kinds of fruit or nut trees were in bloom.

 A whole flock of bufflehead were playing in the river.  They stayed up in a group for one picture.

Soon one of them was busy getting cleaned up for the evening. Wonder if he had a hot date?

The park had planted olive trees along the trail in a few places. Their silvery foliage added to the evening's beauty.


A  mocking bird wondered what I was doing. 

And I enjoyed many views of the river and the surrounding lands.

Someone had planted a mass of flowers that were going to sleep in the setting sun.

This stretch of land across the river looked like it had been folded badly with lots of wrinkles and bumps.

This walk made the whole day worth while.  Then I treated myself to a dinner at the Gold City Grill  in Oroville, which has wonderful home-style meals impeccably cooked. And the service is wonderful.  You can make substitutions at no extra cost and the meal comes quickly. I had fried chicken, a baked potato, steamed broccoli, and white bean soup. Then I had a totally divine piece of lemon sour cream pie to finish off the meal.