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My Montana
My Montana

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My New Home at Malheur

I'm finally finding a place for all my junk and getting move in.  AND I got a housemate last week.  Roger will be here for most of the time that I'll be here. We'll get another housemate soon and that will fill this  little house up.

The living room is plenty big enough for three people but the kitchen is made for only one cook at a time.  So far, Roger and I take turns using it but it may become more of a problem when another person arrives.One of my favorite things about this house is that is is NOT white. The walls are a buffy yellowish color or a very light salmon or peachy color.

 My bedroom is pretty small but I got lifts for the bed and stored my junk under it. So the room feels much bigger now.

And the view from the desk is wonderful.  I can see out across the front yard to Lake Malheur to the north and out to my yard and across to the maintenance area. The other day, in really poor light, these California quail made a nice arrangement on our fence. I have a bird feeder up in a tree by our front door and I watch the birds there while working on my computer. So far I've only gotten red-winged blackbirds and California quail to show up.  I've made a peanut butter/lard mixture up for the bluebirds and other suet eaters but I don't think I've had any takers yet. I put it on the fence between our house and the other volunteer house because I've seen western bluebirds there and that yard also has several bluebird boxes.  I did feed my carp garbage to the black-billed magpies and they gorged themselves for a couple of days. The magpies also tried some of my suet that I left on our picnic table.

Today I found the first flowers of spring spring up by one of our big trees in the main area. They are snowdrops and must have  been planted here long ago, before the refuges started trying to only use local native plants in their landscaping. But it gives us hope that spring will eventually show up here, even though the temperature is supposed to fall to sixteen degrees tonight and we have snow showers in our forecast.