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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Best Little Geyser in Yellowstone

One of the most interesting geysers in Yellowstone was the Anemone Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin, near Old Faithful. You don't have to hope you are there at the right date - some of those geysers wait up to 50 years to blow.  This little girl is quick and dependable. I say girl, because it is called the Anemone Geyser and that sounded girly to me. And it sits there and does its job time after time, another clue to it's gender.

And it is the best place for a person with a short attention span to stay focused enough to see an entire cycle because it only takes six to ten minutes to see it. Of course, that made it very appealing to me.  I still had a hard time focusing on the filling part long enough to not miss the rest.

I arrived as the geyser had emptied and was filling back up.

Anomene Geyser filling up
This process went on for several minutes so I zoomed my camera in to see the details of the little formations. The geyser is only about two feet in diameter.

Closeup view of deposits around the geyser

Looking even more closely

Lacy mud formations
Then I noticed that the geyser had filled up.

Almost full
Then it started boiling.

It started making noise about this time. 

Within less than an minute, it was shooting water and steam into the air.

Beginning of the eruption

A few seconds later

Near the end of its eruption
The eruption ended quite abruptly.

The eruption subsided to a few boils

And the water rapidly and loudly glugged down the drain.

Emptying only took a few seconds - It barely had any water left in the pool for this picture