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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hike to Sunsweep Sculpture

June 18, 2016

After we finished our tour of Roosevelt's summer home, we drove over a beautiful carriage road to the other side of the island and enjoyed the view of the Wolves - a string of little islands. Then we went on a beautiful hike to the Sunsweep Sculpture. This is listed as the most difficult hike in the park but only because you have to watch your feet as you step over roots and walk on a narrow walkway over spongy moss. 

This eagle was sitting on a tiny rocky island just off Campobello Island

These iris are a different species then we have at the refuge - ours have yellow in them 

Looking across the little rocky island to Grand Maman

Bridget climing the steps at the beginning of the trail

View from trail

A lot of it looked like this

I love these tiny dogwoods

Kirstin, our pirate, hunting for loot

Explanation of the sculpture

The carriage roads travel through a tree tunnel

Eastern Quoddy Lighthouse

Western Quoddy Lighthouse -which is the easternmost point of the US - but west and south of Eastern Quoddy Light house on the north end of Campobello Island

The West Quoddy Lighthouse

Sunset looking back towards Lubed

Moonshine at a lovely little bay - and a hike that is waiting for me 

This is the third of the three blogs it took to tell you about my day of June 18th. But even the morning's work was play ..... and I ate a LOT of Maine's famous red hotdogs while helping with the Fishing Derby.