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Friday, June 17, 2016

Wonder Trail and Other Wonders

Friday, June 3, 2016

On Thursday evening, I  had noticed several parked cars at sign for Wonder Land Hike which seemed to go out to the coast. It was after sunset by the time I came back by the site on the way home, so I decided to explore the west side of Acadia National Park on Friday and take a few of the hikes.

The day was cloudy, with rain showers predicted, but, even without the beautiful early morning light, the hike was lovely.

The trail led through a conifer forest with a few openings. It ended on a point of land with views to sounds or coves both left and right. I enjoyed watching a group of common eiders in the first cove. On the way back, a morning dove seemed to be posing for me. The tide was low and the day dark. This must be really magical in early morning light with the tide high.

Part of many common eiders

The hike was on a spit of land with views of the coastline on either side

At low tide

I saw this as a big OK from the tree

Incoming tide

I loved the long, dark tunnel formed by trees with the open area at the end

I kept driving around and finding other places to enjoy. One of them was the ferry stop where ferries to Swans Island and Frenchboro depart. A birding group was heading out to Frenchboro when I arrived. Taking one of the ferries might be another fun thing to do.

One of the ferries

View of the area around the ferries

The white blooms glowed in the dim light

I loved the sense of a garland along the roof of this church

Lupines were starting to bloom

I stopped when I saw a group of horses running and rearing - then fell in love with this pair

By now it was mid morning and I decided I could take another hike before meeting a friend I met in the Outer Banks for lunch. It will take a few more blogs to fully share my all my Acadia Adventures.

I'll add in an extra blog this week to begin to catch.  However, we have had over two weeks of very cloudy, rainy days so I haven't taken many pictures. Hopefully, I'll get a few good days this next weekend.