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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tour of Rosedown Plantation House

Rosedown Plantation is very beautiful.  It was bought from the family and fully restored before being sold to the state. You can only see it by going on a tour. I enjoyed both the house and the talk given by the tour guide.

The house has front porches on both levels. You enter into a stunning front hall. To the left of the hall is a master bedroom; to the right the parlor. Behind it is the dining room and then walking left you get to the kitchen, pantry and Martha Turnbull's workroom. The wing on the far right houses the master's study. Bedrooms and work rooms are upstairs.

The house sits down a long allee  of Oak Trees - with the front yard fenced from the main garden that I featured in a previous post. 

A line of rockers invites lingering

View down the allee from the front porch

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The stunning mahogany staircase and the block wallpaper by Dufour et Cie

A detail of the wallpaper

The dining table set for a banquet with the "fan" over it. 
The stairs for the slaves - these worn stairs evoked the many feet that had climbed up and down over the years

The desk from where Martha Turnbull ran the plantation - The room is just off the kitchen and has an outside door so the slave managers can come in to get their orders. 

Ceiling medallion

Lace curtain detail

The master bedroom just off the front hall

Same bed from another angle

Window treatment

Medallion and chandlier

The nursery

The rest of the nursery

A sewing area

The upstairs rooms had this flooring - a kind of painted canvas, a precursor to linoleum

Chess table of inlaid wood

Detail of rug in the study

First used as a doctor's house, then schoolhouse

The greenhouse and surrounding garden

Inside the greenhouse

Chicken coop

Currently I'm traveling and will soon have a blog about the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, one of my favorite places. And three friends will all be taking me sightseeing so I'll be able to share lots of adventures. I'm finishing this on the Friday before it comes out from a motel in Tucson, AZ.  It was too hot to sleep out in my hammock last night and was 93 today, so I chickened out of camping and got in a shower. I also drove over 650 miles so I'm ready for bed.