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Friday, April 14, 2017

Birding on Armand Bayou

March 29, 2017

My friend, Pat, and I decided to go paddling on Buffalo Bayou.  It is great that he has been retired for a couple of years and is available for weekday paddles. Other than a group of Texas A&M students that were on a little paddle to learn about the bayou, we were pretty much alone. We decided to go downstream and then paddle Horsepen Bayou because sometimes this has lots of birds.

However this morning, we saw very few birds except for a few osprey, a few herons, migrating cattle egrets, and lingering double crested cormorants.

Pat setting off

One of several ospreys 

Part of a small flock of cattle egrets

My first photobomb - Pat was waiting for me to get in position for him to take a picture of me and decided to take one of himself - ah the joy of long arms 

Pat's picture

A great egret grooming

A tricolor heron in breeding plumbage

A juvenile great blue heron

Such peace

Natalie had told me about an bald eagle nest.  Pat and I couldn't find it.  But on the way out we met another canoeist. As we greeted each other, we realized we were all friends. Dave knew where the eagle's nest was and took us to see it.  It wasn't active as we saw no eagles the entire time we were out and the eagles feed the babies about every hour. I took pictures of the tree, but could find no nest, even when I blew up the pictures. And Dave mentioned another paddle for the weekend.

A young anhinga - the only one we saw

A little blue heron at the end of its first year

The only three double crested cormorants we saw - they should be leaving soon

We stopped at  the Pho Hoang Restaurant - a really great Vietnamese place - for lunch.

Pat's platter plus we had spring rolls

Pat also managed to eat two-thirds of this wonderful soup -
I also had a fish pot that was outstanding