Cedar Waswings

Cedar Waswings
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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Breathtaking Bloedel Reserve

Teri gave me a Bainbridge Island Day.  We started by enjoying the Pike Place Market, then boarded a ferry, a fun adventure in itself, to Bainbridge Island where we enjoyed a museum and then a most magnificent garden.  Bloedel Reserve is the gift from Virginia and Prentice Bloedel.  Mr Bloedel was a conservationist and sculpted this garden during his retirement years. He was very interested in the relationship between people and the natural world and the power of the landscape to evoke emotions from tranquility to exhilaration. (per the brochure I received at the reserve).

I felt that he had built a garden that brought forth awe, tranquility, exhilaration, peacefulness and one that inspired curiosity. Teri and I only had about two hours to explore the garden but I found exciting discoveries at every turn, while the paths through the dark woods brought tranquility while also drawing me every further into the garden's mysteries.

So stop right here and get a cup of your favorite brew.  I just could not edit out any more pictures because both the landscapes and the macro views were so diverse but all vied for the best  memory. And you may enjoy this virtual walk even more if you click on the first picture and then run through the pictures full screen.

When this blog posts, I'll be on my last short leg of migration to Red Rock Lakes NWR in southwestern Montana. I'll arrive Monday.  Can't wait.  And I still have lots of adventures from my migration to share with you.