Sunrise Out My Front Door

Sunrise Out My Front Door
Sunrise Out My Front Door

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Capitol Reef- Fremont River Hike

September 21, 2018

I was pretty tired from doing several hikes in Capitol Reef National Park,  so decided to do an easy one that would not even require me to drive anywhere.  I was camping at Fruita Campground, which is on the Fremont river.There is a trail along it that is accessible and which dogs are allowed to be on for about the first half mile.  Then it climbs to two overlooks.  It is an up and back trail. I waited until it warmed up enough that I didn’t need a jacket before starting out. Where I started the trail, willows mostly hide the river, but it is very pleasant to listen to its song. In a few places, especially where big cottonwoods grow, you can see the river from the trail.  Then after you start climbing along a cliff, you can look down on the river, sometimes seeing its water and sometimes only seeing the willows that line it. 

I was on the trail for over a half hour before anyone else came along. Two couples passed me before a single lady greeted me. We ended up walking on up the trail together and she took a picture of me at the end. She also invited me to stop and visit her when I’m in Santa Fe. 

View across the river

Another view of clifts

And yet another

My new friend, Jennifer. - I stayed behind to photograph

An outcropping near the end of the trail

Pretty sure this slab came from the lake that was here millions of years ago

Just another view

I had to wait for the sun to get high enough to light up the river

I wondered what was this rock's story

Where the river comes over a little dam

Beautiful juxapositon of different rocks

This plant reminded me of Texas native poinsettia

Cliffs back near camp

I love getting close enough to see all the twists in the rocks

Jennifer's Picture of me at the end of the trail

I've been helping with the Kids Crane Festival, this past Saturday and then managed to get twenty-eight pictures of sandhill cranes Sunday afternoon.  Sunday and Monday (holiday) were cloud, windy, and cold and so I didn't feel like going on any adventures. Today, Tuesday, I've been hauling stuff back to Alamosa from Monte Vista, where the festival was held, then doing a lot of cleaning, including the Visitor Center, four bays, and two cars. I'm taking a break to get this out since I don't have wifi, then will go pick up trash near my house before ending the day. I was supposed to help spay weeds today but apparently my fellow weed crew decided 26 degrees was too cold.  Maybe that will happen tomorrow.  I did get my UTV hauled over from Monte Vista to Alamosa, where we will be spraying. 

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