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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Art and Birds in the Park

March 5, 2016

I replaced two of my tires while I was in Galveston last fall, and then planned to replace the other two while I was in North Carolina. The closest Discount Tire was in Raleigh, so I decided I'd have to go there and also find some good places to visit.  Then the daughter of one of my best friends invited me to stay at her house.

She had a wonderful day planned at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

We planned to go early and take pictures in the golden hour.  But clouds got in the way and we had to wait until midmorning. We did the Art in the Park walk and then visited one of the museum buildings.

Come along on a virtual tour of the best parts.

Nancy caught this crazy lady who was diverted by ducks on the pond

Two female red breasted mergansers

A male bufflehead at the start of a dive

A VERY cooperative red shouldered hawk - got a couple of dozen pictures

One of three rings - actually built in trenches, then lifted up with a crane  - it is framing a huge torso

My favorite - a wonderful mobile it spun completely around while other parts also turned to different rhythms

This looked vaguely conifer shaped

This looks like a hobbit house but is a huge pinhole camera. You see the sky and trees upside down on the floor when conditions are right - they weren't for me

I found this pile of cans - don't think they are actually part of the art - but I made
them as beautiful as possible

This looked like a blanket blowing in the wind but is rigid

This area had many chairs at various heights.  They were assembled around the trees.
For the whole story and more pictures about Forrest for the Chairs, click on the link.

Loved the textures on this one

And the natural painted sculpture of a river birch

Spring was just peeking in

Inside the museum this figure was captivating - lit from inside and "squatting" on the wall

I wasn't the only one entranced with the glass display

I was moved to create a little more art with a closeup of some of the glass - I added the color

This figure was especially amazing........

because he was covered in buttons which make their own pattern

The first water lily was in bud in one of the reflecting pools

This is a metal tree

The Three Shades by Rodin

This is a very interesting park that lets you get your exercise while being entranced by the art encounters. You can also ride your bike here, then ride across a bridge to another greenway.  There are two buildings to the museum.  We only visited one of them, which mostly housed a huge Rodin collection and modern art. 

Happy Spring Equinox.