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Friday, March 25, 2016

A Visit to Pisgah Covered Bridge

March 6, 2016

I was looking up North Carolina's covered bridges and found one of them, Pisgah Covered Bridge, was near Asheboro, North Carolina.  Since it was only a little over an hour further than Raleigh, I decided to include it in my trip.  My friend and hostess, Nancy, said that the zoo was also there and we decided to make a day of it on Sunday.

So we did the zoo for all of the morning,  then stopped for a delicious sandwich at Jimmy John's Sandwiches. I must put in a plug for this store. They offer all their sandwiches wrapped in lettuce for people living wheat free. Awesome!  After the rest and lunch, we were ready to travel on  to the bridge site, reaching it by mid afternoon.

The bridge is directly adjacent to the highway but almost perpendicular to it. There is a lovely little wooded park and a loop trail (plus another linear one we didn't walk) around a scenic portion of the West Fork of the Little River. We spent about a half an hour enjoying the views and the calmness of the woods.

View from the parking lot - look closely to see the side of the highway

The inside is totally covered with graffiti

Looking from the other end

View from the parking lot 

Walking along the West Fork of the Little River

The reflected clouds added to the beauty

A guy contemplates the stream from the bridge where the trail crosses the stream

Another visitor was enjoying the solitude where the stream is full of large rocks

The mostly quiet stream had a few ripples here

And made the light dance

View  of the bridge from the stream

Last look

This bridge was built in 1911 at a cost of $40 using recycled wood.  It was almost destroyed in the flood of 2003 when it was washed off its piers fifty feet down stream and partially broken apart. Volunteers found all the pieces and rebuilt it.  They also gave it a new foundation.  It was replaced on the foundation and rededicated in 2004.  Let's hear it for volunteers!