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Friday, March 18, 2016

A Spring Visit to Donnalley WMA

After Laurel and I enjoyed a morning at Bear Island WMA, we continued on a short way to Donnalley WMA. (Click on the link to learn all about it.)

By this time of the day, the birds were getting quieter, but we still had an excellent time. Laurel was tired from staying up and playing contract bridge after the paddle with dolphins.  She took a nap while I took a hike to  look for birds and whatever else I could find to enjoy.

I saw several signs of spring, including the first violet as well as blooming snowdrops, maples, and jonquils. The first sunning alligators I've seen this year also mean spring to me. And butterflies and grasshoppers.


More sunners

Daffodil and spider 

Maple trees were starting to bloom

Snow drops bloom on, although the old house is decaying

Oxalis is one of my favorite spring wildflowers - and I knew people that ate it to "thin their blood" 

Silver-spotted Skipper (Epargyreus clarus)

This grasshopper flew into the car and landed on my i-pad - another sign of spring?

The old house is still barely standing

A gang of greater yellowlegs were resting

I got excited at a distant view of a common gallinule

I particularly liked how this alligator was decorated in duckweed

Still trying to get a decent kingfisher photo

These coots and one anhinga, a common gallinule and a couple of ducks were all we saw in one large pond

The common gallinule that was hanging out near the coots 

After having a great morning, followed by a fine afternoon, we stopped at one of Laurel's favorite restaurants that is nearby and had a fabulous seafood meal.  It was another very good day with Laurel. So far ALL my days with her have been very good ones.