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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Walking in the Light at Botany Bay

February 18, 2016

Since Laurel and I are both birdwatchers, photographers, and paddlers, we spend most of our time together doing one and sometimes do all of them together. Botany

We both love a nearby natural area, Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area. It is an outstanding spot to go to see the sunrise, enjoy the beach, marvel at all the bird life, and sometimes see something pretty unexpected.  This blog is about the first hour we spent there - in search of various views of the dawn through just after sunrise.

The pictures speak for themselves.

We continued our walk on the beach and found lots of feeding birds. We found other interesting treasures and views, as well as more birds on the auto tour. This was the first hour of a six hour adventure.

Then we started down the beach the other way for more adventure.

A long view looking south

Shells can't be removed from the beach so many people play with them there

Making strange art

I've already documented the rest of the morning in my blog: The Birds of Botany Bay. 

When this comes out, I'll be visiting Raleigh.  Hopefully I'll have a few adventures around running errands and getting tires for my car.