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Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Visit to the Most Beautiful Small Town in Canada

Explore Lunenburg – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, National Historic District, winner of the Communities in Bloom most beautiful small town in Canada, Prettiest Painted Places in Canada, Port City of the Year and Society of American Travel Writers’ awards. Picturesque Lunenburg lies nestled along the scenic shores of southern Nova Scotia one hour from Halifax and the international airport.

After reading the above description and knowing that this is also a famous town for sailors - the Bluenose I and II Schooners were built there, we all wanted to go.  Kris made a reservation for a highly recommended restaurant but when we got there, the restaurant was closed. I think she had done this through Yelp so be warned that reservations through that entity are not always going to work. 

So we did a little exploration while looking for an interesting place to eat and ended up with good sandwiches and salads before spending more time exploring and shopping.  

This was indeed the most beautiful and vivacious town I've seen.  Since it is built on the bluff raising up from the harbor, one can see layers of beautifully painted houses.  I even found some being painted.  And while there were some white houses, the town was amazing for all the colors of the buildings, both for houses and shops.  

Different species of fish were street markers

Another interesting church

Two women enjoy coffee in front of a huge building mural 

Totally gorgeous architecture and painting

And then along came a tour in a horse drawn carriage - the driver was also giving details about the town

Some of the window glass was beautifully etched

A sailmaking company

Had their door open - so I snooped

Lovely home and garden

Many houses had details like this

The Ironworks- this building used to house a marine blacksmith - now it houses an artesian distillary

Oh those colors and styles

View of the stores across from the harbor

And a look uphill from the harbor

It seemed that you could have any color house you wanted

We went to the harbor to look for the Bluenose II but she was off sailing - you can take tours on her. This is a picture from their site. 

The Bluenose II

There were lots of sailing ships in the harbor

As well as many other kinds of boats

Loved the color of this pair

A cruise ship was letting its passengers tour the town

This was a really pretty and interesting town and I would have loved to explore it more. 

I just stopped on the way to Ellsworth, Maine to check this and post if for tomorrow.  I've had an exciting day that started about 5:00A when I started washing my clothes and then went out to set out three sets of bee traps before making a fabulous omelet using the fresh beet greens I got yesterday.  Then I visited a new friend and went to a little country fair.  Now I'm hunting down a resale shop that sales new LL Bean clothes. I need to hurry so I can get back to the refuge in time to plant more milkweed before the blackflies get too bad. And I need to collect and process my bees.  Have a great Sunday. Hope you have great adventures.