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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia- Part I: Public Library

The public library in Halifax is amazing both from outside and inside. It is listed as either first or second public space in Halifax.

From the outside, it looks like stacked boxes made of glass. And from the inside, it offers a look up the several steps of stairs to other amazing spaces, culminating with a look at the plant -covered roof.  It also provides great places to hide out and read, study, or research, as well as a place to hang out and drink coffee ( has two cafes).  It also has a 300 seat auditorium and boardrooms for local entrepreneurs.  And it offers gaming stations and music studios. It was built on the historical axis between the Halifax Citadel and the Halifax harbor.

Karen was the most interested in the library so Kris and I had time to go on-line and  read while waiting for her.  I totally enjoyed the views to both the Citadel and the Harbor from a comfortable chair in the front of the top box.

I couldn't get this view so took it from the Internet - click to see even the floor plans

The side view we saw as we came from the street behind the library to the front door

Inside and outside are integrated into a lovely whole

The stairways add to the feeling of adventure

I found several walls decorated with little "books"

There was a high tech system of sorting returning books into baskets for different floors

These shelves formed a maze-like structure

I loved the geometry

The structure itself had multiple interesting parts

Another view of a stairway

I had to beat a user to this couch in order to take the picture - the rest were full of lounger/readers

This area looked like it might be used for storytelling

One of the views looking towards the harbor

A look across part of the green roof

My favorite view of my favorite church

Walking from library to lunch on the Harbor Boardwalk

After the visit to the library, we walked down to the harbor boardwalk and found the restaurant the kids had decided on for lunch.  It was considered a high end restaurant but we all found it lacking, especially in both seasoning and imagination.  Then we enjoyed the walk on along the harbor boardwalk to our ferry, the ferry ride,  and the walk back to our apartment.