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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Hike in the Enchanted Forrest

Wednesday, Hulin and I, who are spending ten days together in New Mexico, did a little hike in the Enchanted Forest, a winter cross-country ski area and a summer hike and bike area.

First we hiked up a trail to see Wheeler Peak - at 13,161 feet, it's the highest peak in New Mexico. We were hiking at between 9000 and 10,000 feet. I hadn't felt the hike the first day we were here, but I could definitely feel that this one was high.

View of Wheeler Peak.
 I liked the hike most for the wildflowers.  It's sure fun to climb up mountains and found flowers still blooming that have gone to seed thousands of feet lower.

I loved the way nature was re-purposing this fallen tree stump.

The roses were small but the rose hips on them were large and numerous.

While we were off the trail, sitting on a log eating lunch, a string of horses and riders came past.

Hulin lost both his boot soles on the hike.

This is the first time I've been in this area and the first time Hulin has been here when there hasn't been snow. Everything looks very different to him.